April Cure Champion – Advocacy

Maureen Hill Collins

Maureen Hill Collins

Maureen Hill Collins became involved with JDRF after her daughter, Samantha, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) on September 5, 2005 at age 12. Her involvement with JDRF deepened five years later when her son Justin, then 20, was diagnosed with T1D on September 3, 2010.

Maureen has served on the JDRF New England Chapter Board of Directors, Outreach Committee, and Speakers Bureau, and has volunteered as a Family Walk Team Mentor, Bag of Hope volunteer, and with the Holiday Gift Wrap Program. Within two weeks of Sam’s diagnosis, the family formed their own Walk Team, “Diabetes Ain’t So Sweet,” and later participated in the Boston Walk as part of “Team Sharon.”

Maureen knew that the Walk was an impactful way to raise money for T1D research, but she realized that it was not enough. She and her family began devoting their energy to JDRF’s Advocacy efforts. Maureen has spent a lot of time on the phone with legislative health aides asking for support for numerous pieces of legislation that impact T1D research funding. Maureen has also organized many “Promise to Remember Me” campaign meetings where families living with T1D share their stories with Representatives. She and her family have attended countless Promise meetings and have met each of our Congressman and Senators numerous times, along with some really inspiring families. Listening to the children and adults living with T1D share their reasons for attending a Promise Meeting and asking the Representatives for support is really uplifting. Maureen says that it is amazing to see her own family have a real impact on the Legislators and that it gives us all hope for a better future for our loves ones with T1D. She has enjoyed making her voice heard and collaborating with JDRF’s Advocacy team in D.C. and fellow Advocates in Massachusetts and throughout the U.S.

Maureen has worked with the engineering firm of Haley & Aldrich for 29 years as an environmental geologist providing consultation to real estate investors regarding environmental issues at properties across the country. She lives in Sharon with her husband Duff.