April Cure Champion – Advocacy

Maureen Hill Collins Maureen Hill Collins became involved with JDRF after her daughter, Samantha, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) on September 5, 2005 at age 12. Her involvement with JDRF deepened five years later when her son Justin, then 20, was diagnosed with T1D on September 3, 2010. Maureen has served on the […]

April Cure Champion – Outreach

Joanne Thompson Joanne Thompson is the loving mother of Adam Roose, age 24, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) on January 8, 1998 at age 8. Everyone reacts to a new diagnosis of T1D differently; some people are so shocked at the news that they retreat into their families and close friends, while […]

March Cure Champions

Young Leadership Committee JDRF’s Young Leadership Committee (YLC) is a group of passionate and motivated young professionals (age 21-40) who support JDRF’s efforts to cure type 1 diabetes (T1D) while finding ways to improve the lives of people with T1D today.  The YLC is dedicated to raising money and awareness for JDRF through various fundraising, […]

February Cure Champion

In the summer of 2012, Katrina Elisabeth Diel was diagnosed with T1D, and eight months later, she started using the OmniPod insulin pump, made by Insulet, but she never liked how the device looked. “It didn’t look that nice to me,” said the 10-year-old Barrington, RI girl about the device, which is typically worn on […]

January Cure Champion

Steve Richert Years with T1D: 15 Age of Diagnosis: 16 From: Virgin, UT Years Climbing: 7 Ever since I was a little kid, growing up in upstate New York, I dreamed of climbing mountains. What my locale lacked in topography I substituted with tree climbing – always imagining myself “way out there” on some epic […]

December Cure Champion

Dr. Joseph Wolfsdorf Dr. Joseph Wolfsdorf is the Associate Chief and Clinical Director of the Division of Endocrinology and Director of the Diabetes Program at Boston Children’s Hospital.  Educated at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, Dr. Wolfsdorf’s career has largely been devoted to clinical care, teaching, and clinical research.  He is a […]

November Cure Champion

Karen McChesney I don’t remember life before type 1 diabetes (T1D), and still go back and forth contemplating: Is it better to be diagnosed young, to grow up used to the disease so that your entire world isn’t turned upside-down with the diagnosis, or better to have some diabetes-free years that you remember—perhaps a more […]

October Cure Champion

Noah Gardner I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on March 25, 1995 when I was in the sixth grade. I was on the verge of becoming a teenager and having diabetes wasn’t really the biggest thing on my mind. At age 12, I knew the difference between having diabetes and not having it, and […]

September 2013 Cure Champion

Jonna Brazell The sun cast shadows over my 4-year old as she slept curled in a fetal position by the sliding glass doors. “A perfect picture,” I thought as I froze that moment in time with my camera.  I did not know that image would forevermore bring a feeling of sorrow to my heart.  Within […]

August 2013 Cure Champion

Kim Southwick I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on August 29, 2007, my 38th birthday.  I had lost 30 pounds over the course of a month and a half, three of them overnight.  I knew that morning there was something really wrong with me…so much for my tapeworm jokes. At my diagnosis, my nurse […]