JDRF provides free Toolkits for people of all ages and stages of life with type 1 diabetes (T1D), including:

  • The School Advisory Toolkit increases the awareness of the special needs of children with T1D in the classroom and helps parents and school personnel ensure that students have the best possible school experience.
  • The Adult Type 1 Toolkit is a must-have guide with practical advice on managing T1D in an adult’s personal as well as professional life.  Toolkits are available for both newly diagnosed adults and those more experienced with the disease.
  • The Pregnancy Toolkit is a comprehensive guide for future and current expectant mothers and fathers with T1D.  The Toolkit helps prepare people with T1D for pregnancy and childbirth, and offers a host of tools and resources to support them at every stage.
  • The Healthcare Providers Toolkit helps practitioners ensure that their patients with T1D have access to the best possible resources and programs to help them meet their practical, social, and emotional needs. The Toolkit describes the full array of JDRF resources, and how healthcare providers and their patients with T1D can find them.

Contact Nichole Messier at (781) 431-0700 or to receive a print version of any of these Toolkits, or request an electronic version.