T1D in the Community

Following are highlights of other organizations and happenings in our local type 1 diabetes (T1D) community. A list of other resources is also available through our National office.

Spring 2015 Diabetes Education Program for School Nurses, is a one-day program to provide school nurses with up-to-date diabetes information.  This continuing nursing education activity was approved for 6.5 contact hours by the American Nurses Association Massachusetts (ANA MASS), an approver accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.  Visit the following website for more information and to register: www.joslin.org/education_program_for_school_nurses.html.  $125. Groups of 3+: $100/person. Includes breakfast and lunch.  Please contact stella.lu@joslin.harvard.edu if you have questions.

Glu, myglu.org, brings together the best of social networking and health information technology to create a community for people with T1D and their caregivers to meet, share, and learn from each other.

The Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP) is dedicated to educating and informing the public, patients, and the medical community about clinical research participation and the role each party plays as a participant in the process. CISCRP’s Search Clinical Trials is a free service that helps educate patients about clinical trials and helps connect them with relevant trials in their community. Learn more or visit www.ciscrp.org for more information.The College Diabetes Network was founded for the purpose of connecting college students with and affected by T1D in the hopes that these connections will create a support network which will enable students to fulfill their potential and limit the negative psychological and physical effects of diabetes. For more information, visit www.collegediabetesnetwork.org or contact Christina Roth, founder and director, at croth@collegediabetesnetwork.org.

Diabesties, a program of the College Diabetes Network, partners young adults living with T1D in the same town/city or college/university. Once these individuals have connected to each other, they are deemed “Diabesties.” The Diabesties send text messages to remind each other to check their blood sugars and to stay in touch with one another. This text message will also have a time stamp and will be logged “in the cloud” or online so that each Diabestie can go back and look at their blood glucose levels and trends. Learn more at www.collegediabetesnetwork.org/about/diabesties.

diaTribe® is an eNewsletter for people eager to learn more about better managing diabetes for themselves, or perhaps for a loved one. Learn about the latest advances in diabetes management focusing on research and product news. diaTribe gets you inside diabetes to keep you informed, engaged, and up-to-date. Sign up for a free subscription at www.diatribe.us.

The You Can Do This Project is a growing community of videos created by and for people living with diabetes that provide validation, hope, and encouragement through honest talk. Share your story at www.youcandothisproject.com or www.facebook.com/youcandothisproject.

Fit4D provides integrated Fitness and Nutritional Coaching to people with diabetes, coordinated with their physicians, to enable them to gain better control of their blood glucose levels and overall health. In addition, Fit4D offers the support and motivation typically available only from a personal coach. The Fit4D coaching team includes nurses, exercise physiologists, registered dietitians and personal trainers – who have diabetes expertise and Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) accreditation. Fit4D also hosts regular FREE web/phone seminars as an education service to the diabetes community. Presentations are followed by a question and answer segment led by Fit4D coaches. Visit http://fit4d.com for more information.

SLAMDiabetes seeks to:

  • Expand awareness outside the T1D community;
  • Broaden support for the fight against T1D; and
  • Energize the T1D community to take bold, new initiatives to raise awareness.

SLAMDiabetes WiffleBall® Tournaments can be set up anywhere and benefit children and adults with T1D through increased public awareness, camperships and grants for children to attend camps, education and research. SLAMDiabetes tournaments are run with one mission in mind: to provide positive, life-changing support for children and adults with T1D. SLAMDiabetes Tournaments are offered to benefit any organization involved in the fight against T1D, including JDRF.

To learn more, visit www.slamdiabetes.com.