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JDRF Puts Your Dollars to Work

Each year, JDRF’s unwavering commitment to funding the best in diabetes research has earned it high marks from the scientific and business media and from charity watchdogs.

JDRF stretches your dollars to bring us closer to a cure:
-More than 80% of JDRF’s expenditures directly support research and research-related education.
-JDRF follows a business-world model that efficiently and effectively accelerates the pace of science leading to a cure, both by directly funding research and by creating unique partnerships with governments, academia, and industry to fill gaps in diabetes science.
-JDRF actively manages research, driving science from discovery through development and delivery to market of cures and therapeutics, with an emphasis on industry partnerships, drug discovery, and human clinical trials.

For all of the various ways you can make a gift to JDRF or support JDRF, please visit our Ways to Donate page or contact Amy Montalto, Executive Director, at (781) 431-0700 or

Thank you for entrusting your funds to JDRF.