Israel Initiative

JDRF’s investment in Israel has been significant, in large part due to its scientists’ international reputation in medical research and biotechnology. We are proud to celebrate the completion of four successful years partnering with the Israel Science Foundation (ISF) through JDRF’s Israel Initiative.  The joint venture helped accelerate the practical application of basic scientific advances into novel therapies for T1D, and enabled many of Israel’s talented scientists to advance cutting-edge research.

To learn more about the research funded through the ISF-JDRF Joint Program in Type 1 Diabetes Research, download the Project Conclusion Summary.

JDRF will likely continue to fund a number of the Israeli researchers discovered through the joint program.  In addition, JDRF has and will continue to support many other Israeli researchers. Since 2005, JDRF has invested $13,751,425 in research in Israel, and it remains a critical part of JDRF’s global research portfolio.

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