Partner with JDRF

Partner with JDRF and Be Part of the Cure

Our Corporate partners are crucial to the success of JDRF events and in assuring that we maximize our efforts with the money raised for research.

If your company is like most, you sponsor many activities that improve the community–and your support is greatly appreciated. Sometimes, however, those sponsorships are a one-way street, with questionable return on investment and minimal impact on your customer base.

We think you can get more, a win-win partnership that helps both of us reach our goals: yours to achieve greater business success and ours to find a cure for diabetes. We draw on our extremely passionate, motivated, and constantly growing constituency to help make it all happen.

Corporate Opportunities

Companies can sponsor or partner with JDRF in a variety of ways, including:

-Sponsor a JDRF event: fall Walks, spring Gala

-Sponsor JDRF Outreach events

-Organize your employees to volunteer at a JDRF event

-In-kind Donations: JDRF is always looking for donations of product or services as a way to keep our event costs down and to maintain the efficiency of the organization.

For more information, please contact Amy Montalto at (781) 431-0700 or