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Authors Tom and Ellen Zappala are donating $10 from each purchase of their award-winning first edition baseball book, The T206 Collection: The Players & Their Stories, to JDRF. Finding a cure is close to the Zappala’s hearts, as two of their children are living with type 1 diabetes (T1D). The book, a beautiful hardcover with colorful images and captivating stories, is a tribute to the men featured in the greatest baseball card collection that has ever existed. It is a great read for anyone who loves baseball, not just the collector! Signed copies can be purchased at For more information, please call (978) 346-9496.

Longtime JDRF volunteer Moira McCarthy‘s book, The Everything Parent’s Guide to Children with type 1 diabetes (Adams Media, 2007), hit stores across the nation in April of 2007. “I wanted it to read almost like a long, comfortable conversation,” said Moira. “While writing, it began to feel to me like I was doing a Bag of Hope visit or an ODST response in book form.” Presenting a “nothing-held-back” basic approach to helping families not just cope with diabetes, but thrive, Moira writes about what to expect in every part of a child’s and family’s life with diabetes, ranging from “Diagnosis Day” all the way through to “Independence and What It Means.”

Moira, who has been everything from a Bag of Hope volunteer to ChairMom of Children’s Congress for JDRF, said she “definitely drew on the inspiration I’ve gained from being a JDRF volunteer.” And better yet, she was able to contract with the publisher for royalties after publication to go to JDRF rather than to her. In fact, JDRF will get up to $10,000 from the publisher on Moira’s behalf, based upon the book’s sales. An award-winning magazine writer and editor, Moira had already published two non-diabetes related books before this. When her agent came to her with this offer, she said she was reluctant. “I eat, sleep and breathe diabetes, so I wasn’t sure I wanted to write it too. But when the idea of my profit going to JDRF came to me, I decided I was on board,” she said. “I hope the book helps families dealing with the issues we struggle with daily around our house. Until the cure, we need to give families all the support we can.” The book is available for purchase in bookstores and online at and other book sites.

Steve Puleo, Boston-area author, historian, and consultant donates a portion of his book proceeds to JDRF. Puleo is the author of The Boston Italians: A Story of Pride, Perseverance and Paesani, from the Years of the Great Immigration to the Present Day, which was published by Beacon Press in April 2007. His previous books include Due to Enemy Action: The True World War II Story of the USS Eagle 56 and Dark Tide: The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919, a critically acclaimed Boston-area bestseller. Steve Puleo’s books are available in bookstores and online. For more information, visit

The Challenge of Childhood Diabetes: Family Strategies for Raising a Healthy Child by Laura Plunkett with Linda Weltner is available for purchase at and selected bookstores. The book costs $15.95 and $3 of each sale goes to JDRF.

“This Old Cub” is an acclaimed documentary feature about Ron Santo, the former Chicago Cub, all-star third baseman and broadcaster and his lifelong battle with T1D. It captures the spirit of a man and his will to achieve. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the DVD and other “This Old Cub” merchandise will go to JDRF. To date, “This Old Cub” has raised more than a half-million dollars for JDRF. For more information, visit