June Cure Champion


Chris Librizzi came to JDRF after his then 10 month old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D).  Since then, Chris and his family have been involved with every fundraising event JDRF has held in the state of Rhode Island.  Chris is a former member of the Rhode Island Branch Board of Directors and has chaired the Tee Up to Cure Diabetes Golf Classic since its inception.

Here is Chris’ story:

It seems like yesterday that my son, Zachary, was diagnosed with diabetes. He was just 10 months old.  Now, at 16 years old, he has not known life without T1D.  It also seems like just yesterday that I approached JDRF about a golf fundraiser; that was 13 years ago.  Time certainly flies by.  Over the years many things have changed; our children have grown older, we have aged and life has moved on, but one thing has remained constant: JDRF’s mission to find a cure for diabetes and it’s complications through the support of research.

After 12 years of working hard to send as much money to research as possible, I was again reminded why supporting JDRF is so important.  After watching her brother test his blood sugar for 12 years, correct highs and lows and dealing with the everyday difficulties of T1D, our daughter Ava was diagnosed with T1D.

Ava and Zach have taken their diagnosis in stride and are both healthy and happy.  Zach is looking at colleges and Ava will be starting 7th grade in September.  Diabetes has become part of who they are but my wife and I want so much more for them.  We want to stop the constant worry and anxiety that comes with being a parent of someone with T1D.  We want them to be free from the constant counting, the never ending blood sugar checks and the endless insulin injections and site changes.

I will continue to work with JDRF and grow our fundraising efforts because a cure for diabetes has been in our hearts and minds since all of our children were diagnosed.  Some of these children have grown into adults and obviously are still afflicted with this disease.  It is my goal in life to make sure that my son and daughter along with all children and adults living with T1D are cured – sooner rather than later.

With Chris leading the way the JDRF Rhode Island Branch’s Tee Up to Cure Diabetes Golf Classic has given more than $1 million to diabetes research.  Thank you Chris for your passion, leadership and undying desire to find a CURE!  To donate to the Tee Up to Cure Diabetes Golf Classic please visit jdrf-rhodeisland.ejoinme.org.